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  • Get your Class "A" fire pumps tested annually (per NFPA) at your fire station up to 2250gpm.
  • State of the art digital data logging, record keeping accuracy.
  • Data acquisition capabilities include Bluetooth wireless reliability.
  • Apparatus can stay in service, in town.
  • Using clean water protects your pump and valves.
  • No environmental discharge permit filings needed.
  • Reduce manpower requirements
  • Enhanced sensors monitor test routine.
  • Pumper Testing Systems available for sale to selected markets.

pumper truck testThe primary apparatus in municipal fire protection is the pumping engine. "Pumpers" are equipped with fire pumps driven by the chassis engine and are rated to a performance standard when manufactured as defined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). To insure that these pumpers perform year after year at or near their original rating of pressure and flow, they need to have a pump test annually. Local authorities and insurance rating agencies look to fire departments for records of these pump tests to help insure adequate fire protection for a given community.

pumper truck testConventional testing of a pumper has involved the arduous task of finding a standing water source or an often remote test pit. An array of hose, nozzles, and somewhat archaic test gauges need to be configured so that the motor and pump can be run for a brief time to verify original performance.

As communities grow, suitable water sources are becoming more difficult to access. Water levels are unpredictable. Water cleanliness can vary with dirty water causing abrasive pump wear. Environmental regulations require discharge permits be filed by municipalities regardless of where the water comes from. While some fire departments or service organizations may have test pits, they often contain dirty runoff water and sediment. Test pits are often time consuming to get to and from.

pumper truck testNortheastern Fire Associates, Inc. has developed and patented a means of bringing pump test capabilities to the fire station offering unmatched simplicity, accuracy and safety. By utilizing our remote pump test tank brought to the fire station, water access and government regulated water discharge is no longer an issue. Pump testing can be done at the firehouse with no apparatus or personnel downtime in the event of a fire call. Patented sub-surface injection flow measurement offers flow test accuracy with less water than conventional methods. On-board integrated sensors accurately record the pumper’s RPM, flow, pressure and vacuum on a computer. The information is gathered using proprietary software which displays and records the readings along with other pertinent data. The computer is used to record the test, print test reports and examine any trends in apparatus performance.

pump truck test tankOur pump test program offers fire departments an easy, accurate, cost effective means of complying with their annual pump test requirement. Our system addresses environmental, logistical, and concerns over poor quality water causing harm to the fire pump. The mechanical and automation system insures accuracy in documentation and can warn of potential problems like no other test routine can.


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