NEWS 5/1/08

Class "A" pumpers up to 2250gpm are now supported by Pumper Test.
Data Acquisition capabilties include Bluetooth wireless reliability.
Reduced cost systems available to select markets.

NEWS 3/1/04

After final development testing and improvements, copyright protection has been filed for "pumpertest.com" software with the USPTO. This software, the heart of the first windows based fire pump measurement program, insures the accuracy of the remote pump testing offered by Northeastern Fire Associates, Inc.

NEWS 5/1/03

Northeastern Fire Associates, Inc. and students at The David Crawford School of Engineering at Norwich University have collaborated to create the first Microsoft Windows-based automated fire pump test system. The system completely automates the test process required of fire apparatus pumps that is to be done on an annual basis.

Building on a patented sub-surface injection flow measurement concept, the instrumentation was laboratory tested prior to field testing to verify flow and pressure inputs. Technical assistance was provided by a variety of software and instrument vendors in addition to university engineering faculty.

The acquisition of test data by this method insures accuracy, simplicity and archival surety. Once data has been recorded, trend analysis is performed and an extremely accurate picture of pump performance is presented to fire service personnel with maintenance responsibilities.

Washington, D.C. - 5/14/02

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a utility patent #6386049 for the creation of a fire pump flow test system to Jonathan W. Schrumm of Cheshire, Connecticut. The patent covers the invention of a subsurface injection measurement system that safety and accurately measures flow from a fire pump with about 5% of the water required using conventional methods.

Uses for the device include eliminating logistical and environmental problems for the required annual testing of fire pumpers and in the testing of sprinkler system fire pumps in commercial and industrial buildings.

The benefits of the design include portability, control over water quality, accuracy, safety and elimination of environmental permit filings required of municipalities required under the Clean Water Act.



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